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11th February 2010 - Wordlcass Newsletter


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21st November, 2008 - Worldclass Update


We have today received beautiful letters from Mr.Jammeh, the Father of the triplets we have sponsored in The Gambia together with individual letters from Isatou, Pahali and Assan.  The letters show us the progress of the triplets and how the sponsorship money has been used.


Mr.Daffey, our link teacher at Abuko Lower Basic School, moved to Serrekunda L.B.S. during the summer and was keen for us to set up a link with his new school as well as maintain our link with Abuko L.B.S.  I therefore approached children in Worldclass to see if they were keen to link with two school in The Gambia and as always they were enthusiastic and committed so we sent 50 letters to Serrekunda School with Pippa in October and 134 letters to Abuko L.B.S..   On Pippa’s return she brought 50 letters back with her from Serrekunda L.B.S. for our children, and also a letter from the Headmaster of Serrekunda Lower Basic School expressing his delight at the link we have formed.  I am attaching a copy of this letter for you to read.


Here is the letter from Mr.John Ndow:



I write to express our profound happiness to have a Junior school like ours to link with.  This initiative by Mr.Daffey is a step in the right direction.  It helps children to make friends and know a lot about each other.  It is important that children at an early age learn to love, like and respect each other.  Let them know that mankind can be one great family, thus making the world a better place for us to live in harmony.

Mr. Daffey, a new teacher spoke to me about the Worldclass and how he would like our school to be connected.   I have given him my unflinching support to promote the idea in the school.  I have no doubt that this bilateral relationship will grow from strength to strength.  I want to seize this opportunity to say a big thank you to all those involved in this noble work.

Our co-educational Lower Basic School was built on the 19th September 1949. It is the biggest Lower Basic School in The Gambia. There are 1895 boys and 2122 girls in the school.   The roll is 4017 pupils.  I have an average of 51 pupils per class.   The school runs two shifts, morning shift and afternoon shift.  Some teachers are on double shifts, while others are on permanent morning or permanent afternoon.

Children start school at the age of seven.  They enjoy six years of Lower Basic education.  At the end of the sixth year they transit to Upper Basic Schools.

We are now in the 6th week of the first term.  We hope to close for the Christmas holidays on Tuesday 23rd December.  We are very busy and also preparing for the end of term examinations.

Please give my regards to all at Bishops Waltham Junior School.  We wish them a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year in advance.

Yours faithfully. Joh.C.Ndow. Headmaster



Letters from the Gambian triplets sponsored by BWJS, and their father:


Dear Jeannette,

First of all am hereby extending my best greetings and wishes to you, your family and the entire Bishops Waltham Junior School .


It gives me the greatest pleasure to write you back, well my health condition is now improving as I was discharge from Hospital a month and three weeks ago. I and my family are all doing well and I thank God for that.


I am also extending my best prayers and kind regards to all world-class children, staff and governors of your School. Once more am also very happy indeed to have you and your entire School in our lives.


I will take this opportunity to thank you and your School for supporting my children’s education, and once more an glad to tell you that I have receive the sum of D6, 075  you send for Isatou, Pahali and Assan. For your information the money was spend wisely by paying their School Funds and buying materials like School bags, both text and exercise books, shoes, pencils, water bottles and coats as we are in the hamattan season.


I am praying for your visit to Gambia be a reality next year, so that you can see your triplets and family. You are always in our thoughts and prayers and I like the new name of your School too. Once more extend my deepest greetings to the entire School and friends..


Thank you & Love to you all. 

Fansu Jammeh



Dear Jeannette,


First of all am hereby extending my warm and deepest greetings in honour to you, family and your entire School.


I am doing well and I love the new name of your School its beautiful. I am working hard at School and we have a private teacher after dinner we use to have lessons with our private teacher.


We don’t play games or watch TV at night as we don’t have a TV set at home. I promise to work harder than previous years or terms this time.


Every School day, after school we go back home take lunch and relax for few hours, and then in the evening I and Assan use to go to play soccer with our friends and brothers. During weekends, we use to go to one of our neighbours house to watch the English Premiership games especially when Manchester United  are playing. I supported Manchester United that is my favourite colour, red and I also enjoy playing football.


My best lesson at School is English Language and not Mathematics.


Thank you!

For ever yours love and hugs to you.


Pa Hali Jammeh  



Dear Jeannette,


I am hereby extending my best greetings with honour to you and your entire School. Well I and my friends are fine and still enjoying School. I, Pa Hali and Isatou are all friends but my best friends is Pa Hali and I don’t use to argue with them at all.


My favourite colour is RED, because I supported Manchester United as they are the red devils and I enjoy playing cocker. I use to play football at school during PE lessons and at home during weekday evenings and sometimes on weekday in mornings.


I like the new name of your school and extend my best greetings to you and your entire school fraternity. It also starts to get cold during the night and warm during the day in the Gambia .


Once more am praying and looking forward to see you next year in the Gambia .

Thank you

For ever yours love and hugs


Assan Jammeh


Dear Jeannette,


I wish to send best greetings with honour to you, your family and your entire School at large. I am doing well and as you ask am still smiling.


School is going fine and my favourite subject is English Language. I am also praying and waiting for your visit to the Gambia next year as you plan, so that you can show us a good way to learn long words as you promise.


I have friends at school and at home too. Me and my friends always love to help our mothers in their domestic home works, and in the evenings we usually play rounders and some local games too.


I am now 1.5meters tall and am looking forward to see you in the Gambia one day or the other. I hope you enjoy your one week half term holidays.


Thank you

For ever yours love and hugs


Isatou Jammeh




Lastly, Hannah and Zoe emailed Leihui our China link today with lots of questions and we eagerly await his reply.



22nd July, 2008 - Worldclass End of Term Newsletter


Firstly, I would personally like to thank every member of Worldclass for their commitment, patience and dedication - I am tremendously proud of each and every child.


Worldclass has been running as an after school club for three years now and is going from strength to strength – from the early days in September 2005 when we had 17 children to 140 children now, who each have a Gambian pen friend – something we should all be proud of. 

Worldclass have also paid for the sponsorship of triplets at Abuko L.B.S. for this year and next year.  This money was raised by 60 Worldclass children running stalls at the Worldclass Fayre.


Peter has recently completed the Fun Run in Bishop’s Waltham and used the money he raised to sponsor Ebrima Mansally, a child at Abuko L.B.S.  My husband and I continue to sponsor Alfusainey Daffey.

Ben, Sarah and Dominic also gave the money they raised to Worldclass and have since received “Thank you” certificates in assembly. 


Worldclass looses about 35 members this term as they move on to Secondary school, but I would like to take this opportunity of wishing all Year 6 children every success and happiness in their new school.


We in worldclass start our own exciting venture in September as we start our new link with Leihui Huihui who is from Nanning, South West China.

I have already started this process with the help of Global Gateway, British Council and I am in  regular contact with Leihui who has been telling me many interesting  things about China and about the forthcoming Olympic Games.

This link will run during Thursday lunchtime and will involve 20 children.  If you wish to be considered for being part of our link with China please complete the form below and return to me in September when I will choose the 20 children (it might even mean putting the names in a hat if necessary!!)


Also for September I am ordering “Worldclass” enamel badges for you to wear with your smart new Bishop’s Waltham Junior School uniform.  Each badge is costing £2.00 but I am prepared to use Worldclass funds to pay half of the cost of each badge and therefore I would like each child who wants a badge to fill in a slip avaliable from me and return to me with a voluntary contribution of £1.00.


Mrs.Cooper  has kindly arranged for the Sainsbury’s vouchers that were left over to be used for Sainsbury’s to send a sports package directly to Abuko L.B.S. – this includes balls, bats, cricket stumps and lots more.  The school will be delighted to receive all the items.


Mr. Daffey and all the staff at Abuko L.B.S. send you all their very best wishes.

The Abuko children look forward to hearing from you soon.


Lastly, I would like to wish you, your family and all your friends a peaceful, enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

See you  in September.




1st May, 2008 - Worldclass Fayre Update


During break time and after school on Thursday 24th April and Friday 25th April. 60 Worldclass children took part in our Worldclass Fayre.


There were 15 stalls, each stall having four or five children and the children sold cakes, toys, books, games.

We also had guess the name of the dog and 5 guess the name of the teddies!!!

Our school kindly donated approximately 100 books to the Fayre, because we have recently purchased new books. Lots of these were sold and we raised £22.65.  The books that weren’t sold have been packaged up and are being sent to Uganda.


The money raised is as follows:-

Thursday break time - £97.18

Thursday after school - £112.15

Friday break time - £91.42

Friday after school - £120.90

Total £421.65



£120 of the money will be used to sponsor the triplets(which was due in March) and £120 is going to be used for the second half of the sponsorship due in September, but that will leave us £180 to buy things for Abuko School and we are now in the process of deciding what we would like to use the money for – some ideas have been:- footballs, a worldclass cup for Abuko to have and give to their Worldclass Pupil of the week,  kites, notebooks with our new logo, books.

There was a prize for the stall which raised the most money and for the most decorative table and that will be announced in assembly on Friday.


We would like to thank all the children and parents who supported our Worldclass Fayre, but we would like to say a special thank you to Mrs.Dowling, Mrs. Ross, and  Mr.& Mrs. Biddle for kindly helping at the Worldclass Fayre and thank you to Mr.Newton for helping clear up at the end of both days.

Lastly, I would personally like to thank all Worldclass children who took part in our Fayre, it was a tremendous success and I am extremely proud of you all.

Pippa and Ian from P.A.G.E.A.N.T. think you did a fantastic job and have asked me to pass on their thanks and we will be on their website within the next few days, so why not have a look.


Mrs. Mars



25th April, 2008- Worldclass Fayre

Mrs Mars and some of the World Class members held a Fayre at school this Thursday and Friday, to help raise money for the triplets we are sponsoring in Gambia.  There were lots and lots of stalls selling cakes, books, toys, sweets and other goodies and also competitions like ‘Guess how many Sweets in Jar’ and ‘Name the Teddy’.   The hall was full of children/parents eager to spend their money to help a good cause – Mr Campbell bought far too many cakes though!  £203.86 was raised in just one day and a further £89.21 was raised during break time on the second day.




The final Fayre is being held after school today and the final amount raised will be announced in the next Newsletter.  A huge thank you must go to Mrs Mars for the time and effort she put into organising the event.



Worldclass Newsletter - April, 2008


We hope that you and your family had an enjoyable Easter and hope you all have a fabulous two weeks holiday.


Worldclass Fayre will be on 24th and 25th April.  This is a very exciting time for all Worldclass children because this is our opportunity to raise the next amount of money needed to continue sponsoring Isatou, Pahali and Hassan.  We are convinced you will raise the money but there are lots of preparations to do to make sure we reach our target of £120!

When we first raised money to sponsor a child in Gambia you raised £80 to sponsor two children and the school governors kindly gave Worldclass children £40 to sponsor the third triplet, but I am confident that Worldclass children can raise all the money this time!


We would be grateful if ALL worldclass children can contribute in some way, even if they are not actually running a stall.   Maybe you could bring in cakes, books or toys.  If you are able to do this please let us know. Thank you.

We would be grateful if you could please start bringing toys or books into school on Monday 21st.


There will be 12 stalls at the Fayre which will be held during break time and after school on 24th and 25th April.


I received a text over the Easter break from Mr.Jammeh, the father of the triplets.  He wished all of the staff and children at Ridgemede a very Happy Easter and he told me how pleased he is that Worldclass are sponsoring his children and he also told me Isatou is 1st in her class, Pahali is 12th and Hassan is 14th.


Mr.Daffey recently gave us an update of numbers at Abuko Lower Basic School:-

There are 23 classes but only 12 classrooms

There are 478 boys and 494 girls making a total of 972 pupils

There are 32 teachers


We will be holding a meeting for the Worldclass Fayre in the Ridgemede Oasis room on 21st April at 10.40 a.m.and it is important that you attend this meeting if you are running a stall.  Thank you.


Lastly, thank you all very much for your constant support and commitment in Worldclass.


Mrs.Mars and Mr.Dennis



Worldclass Newsletter No. 3 - January 2008


Worldclass children are busy writing letters back to their penfriends after receiving letters from their Gambian pen friends just after Christmas.

Pippa and Ian will be taking the letters out to The Gambia when they visit in early February and therefore Mrs.Mars needs all the letters complete by Friday 25th January. (remember your letters need to include everything you have been doing in school and at home.  Also remember to ask your pen friend lots of questions!) (It would be nice for your pen friend if you included photocopies of any work you have been doing)    .


Mrs.Mars is delighted to tell you that Mr.Dennis has kindly agreed to join her with the running of Worldclass.  Mr.Dennis will be a huge asset to our club, where we correspond with Abuko Lower Basic School in The Gambia. 


Worldclass will be holding a “Worldclass Fayre” in early March and we hope to have as many worldclass children as possible who are willing to “run a stall with 3 friends”.


If you are able to run a stall can you please collect a form from Mrs.Mars.



23rd November, 2007 - Worldclass Stall


The Worldclass stall in the hall was held today and yesterday during breaktime.  Children in Worldclass brought in things from home to sell, and the stall raised over £80 - Mrs Mars was delighted!





Worldclass Newsletter No.2 - November 2007





As you know we have written our letters and are now waiting for ours to arrive back. (Hopefully they will be arriving in England this week.) Mrs Mars was very thankful for the work and effort that was put into the letters.


In world class we now have 156 children attending world class but our aim is 200! So if your friends don’t already come tell them to!!!


Mrs.Daffey had a baby girl on 29th October and the baby’s naming ceremony was on 4th November and much to Mrs.Mars delight, Miranda Mrs.Daffey have named the baby after Mrs. Mars’.  The baby also has a Gambian name, but we haven’t been given that information yet.


More good news!! Ridgemede governors have kindly agreed to Sponsor a child from Abuko Lower Basic School.  The cost of sponsoring a child is £80 per year and it has been decided that it would be nice if Worldclass children raised the money and if it wasn’t all raised then Ridgemede can make up the difference.

We now need lots of ideas of how to raise the money.

Please collect a form from Mrs Mars if you have any ideas, and place in a box outside Mr.Campbell’s office.


Note to Remember: -

In your next letter to your penfriend Mrs. Mars has asked for the following:-

Written by Aimee, Megan and Mrs. Mars